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Introduction to the campaign

Recognizing the need for more child rights public awareness and implementation in advocacy, policy, and practice the Society for Children and Youth of BC (SCY), BC Representative for Children and Youth, BC Centre for Safe Schools and Communities, and Reel Youth have partnered to launch this campaign. These four organizations are similarly mandated to promote the safety, well-being, and maximum development of children and youth.

The Child Rights Public Awareness Campaign is lead by SCY and supported by partner organization representatives, advisory and working group participants, organizations, BC communities across the province, and SCY’s national child rights network of over 600 organizations, professionals, and community members (youth and adults).

Society for Children and Youth of BC (SCY) is the lead organization on the Child Rights Public Awareness Campaign. SCY is a unique provincial child rights organization with a mission to promote the full realization of children’s rights in British Columbia (BC) through education, advocacy, community engagement, and capacity building.

For more than 36 years, the Society has focused on providing a strong voice representing children and youth and advocating for their well-being. Using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as a foundation, SCY has a track record of creating and delivering programs that have motivated change in legislation, policy, and practice in BC and across Canada.

BC Representative for Children and Youth (RCY)
supports children, youth and families who need help in dealing with the child-serving system, and advocates for changes to the system itself. The Representative is an Independent Officer of the BC Legislature, with a legislated mandate to review services provided to vulnerable children and youth in BC.

Reel Youth is a media empowerment organization supporting young people to create and distribute films about their visions for a more just and sustainable world.

BC Centre for Safe Schools and Communities (BCCSSC) is mandated to facilitate the use of evidence-informed approaches to promoting safe, healthy, and inclusive schools and communities.