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key rights

Guiding Principles

There are 54 articles and 2 optional protocols in the Convention that outlines child rights and obligations of the ‘duty bearers’ (all adults).

You don’t have to memorize all the different rights in order to understand and use child rights, a simple way to determine what rights children and youth have and how to exercise the rights is to know the 4 guiding principles:



letting kids be who they are and treating everyone equally

Rights to life, survival, and development

kids are entitled to the basic things to live, survive, and develop

Best interests of the child

always ask yourself if what you’re doing or the decision you are making is good for kids?

Engaging children and youth

kids need to be heard when decisions are being made that affect them

Child and youth rights needs to be more than just good intentions, they need to be put into action and brought into our daily lives.